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Clinical Validation of the InterVenn Ovarian CAncer Liquid Biopsy (VOCAL)


Brief Summary
Venn Biosciences Corporation ("InterVenn") has developed a liquid biopsy that is capable of distinguishing benign from malignant masses in women presenting with adnexal (pelvic) masses, through a simple blood test. The underlying technology combines mass spectrometry and artificial intelligence/machine learning to analyze tumor-associated changes in circulating glycoproteins. The purpose of this study is to prospectively collect de-identified biological samples and data from women with a known pelvic mass, in order to validate ovarian cancer specific glycoproteomic signatures in the blood based on histologically confirmed malignancy status of the mass.

Detailed Description
This is a prospective, international, multi-center, observational study with a goal of collecting de-identified samples and data from 1,200 women with a known pelvic mass. Participants will consent to baseline and follow-up data and biospecimen collections.



Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria

  • Women age 18 years or older
  • Able to provide a written informed consent and who understand and agree to all study procedures required
  • A newly diagnosed adnexal mass as confirmed by imaging (computed tomography, ultrasonography, or magnetic resonance imaging) prior to enrollment
  • Planned diagnostic procedure or surgery by the subject's physician to remove adnexal masses within 90 days of imaging. (Note that diagnostic procedure typically includes biopsy (needle core or laparoscopic-directed), ascites cytology, pleural effusion cytology or FNA)

  • Had/Has a diagnosis of invasive malignancy (exception: non-melanoma skin cancers) in the previous 5 years.
  • Currently receiving or ever received any of the following prior cancer therapies in the previous 5 years. This includes curative surgical resection, local or systemic chemotherapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy including cancer vaccines, hormone therapy, and/or radiation therapy.
  • Pregnancy
  • Current febrile illness
  • Acute exacerbation or flare of an inflammatory condition requiring escalation in therapy
  • Recipient of organ transplant
  • Poor health status or unfit to tolerate blood draw In addition, this study will include a small subgroup of women with a newly diagnosed clinically benign adnexal mass(es) for whom surgery is not planned as determined by the treating physician. This subgroup will follow the same exclusion criteria as listed above.


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