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The Use of Social Media Listening for Targeted Recruitment of Twitter Users in LA County in Cancer Trials Compared to Historic Recruitment Data: A Mixed-Methods Study


Brief Summary
This pilot clinical trial studies how well social media listening works in improving clinical trial recruitment in patients with cancer. Social media listening and recruitment on Twitter may enhance enrollment for cancer-related clinical trials.

Detailed Description
I. Examine the feasibility (acceptance among University of Southern California [USC] Norris study team members and Twitter users in Los Angeles [LA] county) of targeted social media listening (SML) via Twitter as a tool for enhancing recruitment to cancer trials. II. Gain preliminary data on the impact (i.e., numbers recruited versus projected accrual compared to historic recruitment) of targeted social media listening (SML) as a tool for enhancing recruitment to cancer trials among Twitter users in LA county. III. Estimate the effect size of the number of people enrolled associated with the use of targeted social media listening (SML) via Twitter as a tool for enhancing recruitment to cancer trials. OUTLINE: Patients who mention specific cancer disease keywords and/or hashtags are identified and receive a message via Twitter. Patients are then contacted for recruitment into a clinical trial.



Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria

  • Focus on one of the following disease categories: non-small cell lung cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, kidney cancer, lymphoma
  • Be a phase 1 trial in expansion, phase 2, or 3
  • Be interventional trials
  • Recruit in English
  • Be Institutional Review Board (IRB)-approved and open to accrual at USC Norris
  • Recruit for at least 9 months at the point of enrollment
  • Set monthly accrual target >= 1/ and annual accrual target >= 12
  • Will include all prospective trial participants in this study that come from Twitter in response of our SM recruitment interventions, provided they meet the specific trial's eligibility criteria

  • Phase 1 trials in dose escalation
  • Persons who do not meet the eligibility criteria of any of the trials open to accrual will be excluded from participation, and persons who may be eligible (e.g., disease/histology, stage, prior treatment) but do not meet additional trial-specific requirements such as insurance or allergy to drug)


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