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A Pilot Study of Whole-Neck CT Perfusion With the Toshiba Aquilion ONE ViSION-320 Detector Row CT Scanner for Use in Head &Amp; Neck Tumor Patients


Brief Summary
This pilot clinical trial studies how well whole-neck computed tomography perfusion scans work in imaging patients with head and neck tumors. Diagnostic imaging procedures, such as whole-neck computed tomography perfusions scans, may provide more information about the blood supply to head and neck tumors which may help doctors plan better treatment.

Detailed Description
I. To assess the difference in whole-neck computed tomography perfusion (WNCTP) parameters (blood volume [BV], blood flow [BF], capillary permeability [CP] and mean transit time [MTT]) between head and neck tumor masses (benign or malignant) and adjacent normal skeletal muscle within the same patient. II. To assess whether the difference in WNCTP parameters between tumor masses and adjacent normal skeletal muscle is different between patients with benign tumor versus (vs.) malignant tumor. III. To assess the correlation in WNCTP parameters between tumor masses and adjacent normal skeletal muscle. IV. Determine if more suspicious cervical lymph nodes will be seen using the whole-neck coverage employed in WNCTP compared to the limited coverage of traditional neck CTP. OUTLINE: Patients undergo WNCTP scan over 2-3 minutes during standard of care computed tomography (CT). After completion of study, patients are followed up within 2 days.



Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria

  • Confirmed or suspected head and neck tumor (benign or malignant)
  • Scheduled for contrast CT (standard of care)
  • No known allergies to contrast material

  • Known allergies to contrast material
  • Pregnant or nursing


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