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Effect of a Periodic Fasting-mimicking Diet on Risk Factors for Metabolic Syndrome and Age-related Diseases
The Phase I part of the study is designed as a randomized cross-over trial, including two arms: a Control arm and a multi-cycle special 5-day dietary regimen (Diet, 3 cycles) arm. After 3 cycles, the Control and Diet groups are crossed over such that the Control group will under-go dieting and the Diet group will return to normal diet. Participants will be monitored for body weight and physiological changes, as well as the adherence to the dietary intervention. The Phase II part of the study is an expansion of the Phase I to ascertain the impact of the dietary intervention on risk factors for metabolic syndrome and biomarkers associated with aging and age-related diseases. Statistical methods: Paired samples t-test and Mann-Whitney test will be used to compare between Control and Diet groups as well as pre- and post-diet values.
Completed | Dietary Intervention | Not Multisite
Min Wei
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