USC study investigates the benefits or health risks of vaping and smoking


Researchers at USC are seeking study participants who vape or smoke as well as non-smokers in the Los Angeles area. The purpose of the research is to study the health benefits and risks of electronic cigarettes (e-cigs). Your participation will help to better understand the potential effects of e-cigs on the human body.

Compensation is available.

Palabras clave: vaping, smoking, electronic cigarette, e-cig, cigarette

Sitios de estudio

1450 Biggy St. Bldg. 288 Los Angeles 90033

  • Men & Women
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21 - 55

¿Qué hay involucrado?

Duración del ensayo
  • 1hr-1.5 hrs. (MAX)

Número de visitas
  • 1

  • None

  • 30 minute in person interview

  • Painless and noninvasive cheek brushing with a toothbrush

  • Small blood sample

  • Compensation is available for successful completion of the study visit.

Cobertura de gastos médicos
  • All study-related costs are covered by the sponsor.

Why participate?

Many studies face critical delays due to lack of participants. Be part of the solution!


Criterios de inclusión

  • Qualified individuals 21 and over may be:
  • -Smokers
  • -Vapers/e-cig users
  • -Non-smokers & Non-Vapers to serve as the control group
  • To sign-up click the link below:
  • Or call us at:
  • (323)-442-7765

About This Study

USC is conducting a research study on the health risks or benefits of new and emerging tobacco products. Visit to learn more.

Equipo del Programa

Investigador Principal
Ahmad Besaratinia, PhD

For questions about this study, contact:

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